Is studying business right for me?

What is a business about?

Business is a vast area of knowledge and human enterprise that covers an array of subjects and specialisations, but at its core, business is about coming up with ideas that lead to the creation of products and services that buyers are willing to pay for. It is also about continuing to develop and enhance these products and to compete with other firms to engage with buyers and keep them interested. It is about creativity, service-orientation, fair competition and resilience. Business people need to have a sense of purpose and the ability to keep going when things get hard.

What will I study?

You will be studying many different units and building upon them as you progress through the course and, so this will require hard work to learn from each unit so that you progress to the next one and use the skills you have acquired.

This will include assessments that will need you to write in good quality academic English as well as in-class assessments and exercises. These may include presentations, group work, research and the completion of 4-12 written self-study exercises.

What skills will I need to use?

Studying business requires several skills that are common and other skills that are unique to each unit. However, in all cases, you will need to use skills like research, writing, critical thinking and questioning, teamwork, calculations, use of computer programs, analytical skills, planning, document development and basic arithmetic and maths. You may also need to demonstrate teamwork and collaboration, and questioning and communication skills.

How do I know if I have these skills and whether I can succeed?

The college will require you to undertake an interview prior to accepting your enrolment. This will include a range of questions about your current skills and experience and also questions about your planned or desired career outcome, your English language ability, numeracy levels and overall suitability for the program you are applying for. You may be required to sit a test or complete certain exercises or provide more information as part of this process.